The twitch video of my run doesn't exist anymore, can it be removed?
2 years ago
Oregon, USA

My run took so long to get verified, that the twitch vod is gone. Rather, it was auto-deleted. However, it still got verified anyway? Well to be fair actually, maybe the vod existed when it was verified, but it no longer exists. It sucks :( considering my other times also were removed with everyone's when the leaderboards got nuked due to people posting newGame+ runs in any% (that was the reason right?), but my time should just be taken off the leaderboard. I might try to do another run this summer to replace it but, if there isn't proof then there shouldn't be a time for it on the leaderboard. Also can we get a discord link posted somewhere official?

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Michigan, USA

Hey RedFalco,

Sorry to hear about your VOD, the Dead Island speedruning community had a bit of a rough patch for a while and lacked moderators and a competent leaderboard, so a few runs were removed during the remodel of the leaderboards. I took your run off the leaderboards so hopefully everything looks better, I also added the link to the DI discord server if you wanted to join. Thanks!

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