New Glitch Not Sure How Relevant
2 years ago
Florida, USA


I am not sure if this will be of any use to anyone running this, or if this is already known, but I have found a glitch that allows you to walk around out of bounds of any room as long as there is a book shelf next to the top left doorway of the room. You must stand on top of the bookshelf, jump against the wall towards the door, and when above the doorway spam jump until the camera pans up enough for you to be out of bounds. You will then be free to walk around and make any normal actions you would be able to inside any normal room. Not sure if this can be used to progress in any way, but thought I would share it in case it was not already known.

Thanks for reading!

Screenshot of what it looks like when you are out of bounds:

Florida, USA

A quick follow up. It seems that when you are out of bounds the pause menu does not work correctly. You cannot click "Go back!", "Settings", or "I quit!" and must use the escape key to back out of the pause menu.

Florida, USA

After some even more testing, if you walk downwards enough you can re-enter the bounds of the room, but it seems as if you are stuck behind the map. Chunks actually happened to spawn and is unable to access my location so he continues to jump at the back right wall.

São Paulo, Brazil

hey ! this is known. If you look at the wr, this is used to skip boss doors without the key. mumba can perform this more easily as he jumps higher. There is also the infinite ammo glitch, if you have a mouse with a wheel that spins loosely, you can change between weapons lightining fast and just shoot like hell

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