Rules for Speedrunning Dead By Daylight
3 years ago

so just to be sure, if i start the recording when the start of the game is loading (easier for me when i'm not streaming) and i show the main menu at the end of the run, it's all good? thanks!


As long as the main menu is in the video at some point (start or end), If you are streaming and you DON'T show the main menu you need to include a link to the VOD in the description when you submit a run.


Wait so if you're playing killer, and you don't include the main menu but you include you returning to the lobby does it still count as a valid run?


If you don't include the main menu or the VOD (streamers only) It will get rejected. Its that simple. The lobby is not the main menu, The main menu is when you return to the screen where you select either Killer or Survivor.

See this thread

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You guys rejected me because I didn't show the lobby I don't understand I was streaming at the time and according to when you guys that if you're streaming you don't need to show it so what was the problem with my submission


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@xxragingqueen I mean if you streamed it all you can just put the lobby in the submission video as well. Just do that, resend the run and you'll be fine.


@xxragingqueen Yes if you were streaming at the time of the speedrun you will have the lobby so just cut the video from the lobby (showing all the survivors) and to when the game ends, Every run MUST have the Lobby at the start.


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