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2 years ago

Sorry, I'm just kinda confused by the title. I would like to speedrun this, but I don't know what this is supposed to be. Is this a game? Where can I play this? Is it something that comes with a dance pad? Or is it from some obscure platform or something? Cause I didn't find much about it online.

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It is a plug and play game that I haven't been able to find any listings for online, however I haven't checked in a few months. I'm assuming it's pretty obscure since I also wasn't able to find much about it online and I'm only mod since the previous mod left and added me

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I see, thanks. Yeah it seems to be pretty oscure, I found about some TV games of DDR but none of them seem to be this game. Pretty weird. Also the image comes from a dance pad you can buy on Amazon, but that is also out of stock.

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follow up question: why was this added without any runs?

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It had a run by the previous mod, but it got deleted when they left.

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