Categories (re)organization
3 years ago
Campania, Italy

Hi, I was thinking about something.

Almost all categories have no "Category Rules" nor "Game Rules" that's kinda uneasy, expecially for newcomers. Seeing no rules doesn't imply there are actually no guidelines to follow, but having them written should help. Also, I'd like to introduce "Z3 NG+" as a new category, since we already have "Any% Very Easy" / "NG+ Very Easy" and "Z3" categories, which will be interesting but sadly isn't present. I'd also think this new category could overwrite old "Any% (No Capsules)" since almost nobody ever played that. The few runs that category already has inside, can be inserted in the "Misc." category, like it's been done in SC Chaos Theory, for example.

In any case, beside categories organization, we really need Rules. Thank you.

Edit: also thought about other categories we're missing.

  • Any% Very Easy Breakthrough only;
  • NG+ Very Easy Breakthrough only;
  • Any% Z3 Breakthrough only;
  • NG+ Z3 Breakthrough only;

Ikr they're a lot of new ones, but it's just food for thought. Let me know what you guys think about these. :)

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New York City, NY, USA

Breakthrough only runs sound awesome!

The transformations in this game allow for so many unique and expressive combos, I would love to see that category implemented!

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Western Australia, Australia

I might be okay with adding Z3 NG+. However I do draw the line with moving No Capsules to misc, No Capsules is the very original Any% category and honestly should be the main, the only reason Capsules was so popular was due to the fact I was miss quoted on the rules and took all the wr's from the og runners without following the correct rules and due to that I believe No Capsules kinda got shadowed because of it.

As for the other 4 categories if there is enough demand for it I could consider it and maybe add into misc for you. As for the rules I will get onto this problem and have it resolved by the end of the week thanks for bringing it to my attention dude!

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Campania, Italy

That's fine! I'm glad I could help. Every new category will have at least a couple of runs: mine and Towa's. lol So don't worry about it.