in hard why fight ss4 goku?
7 years ago
Mississippi, USA

in hard why fight ss4 goku? when u

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Hey micsoul!

I already read your question on twitter. It was just a basic feeling of mine that tje ss4 goku fight should be required, because this is the significant difference between hard and the other modes. I thought that you should defeat him because unlocking ss4 goku was the main point of even playing the hard mode. Since I requested the game I was able to make the rules and it made sense for me.

We still may discuss this. Of course leaving the fight out would be the fastest completition, however this would give us three categories with simply three runs which don't differ in the slightest. Feel free to add your opinion on this. :) (also everybody else who is reading this and can relate)

Mississippi, USA

So one of the problems I see with that is to trigger the ssj4 goku fight u need to beat baby with out taking much damge. Also forcing an extra fight seems a little weird . But I can see where your comeing from.

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