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4 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

I originally downloaded a rom that said Australian on it. But for the life of me I couldnt understand how I wasn't keeping up with the world record. What i found was the version I was playing was slower all around. I found a different version of the rom that kept up with the speed of the world record. According to the wikipedia this game was an australian exclusive only which means its pal only. but a theory that we came up with is that this game runs faster on a ntsc console? anyways let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Newfoundland, Canada

Is there any way to monitor the frame rate on screen for the retroarch and whatever emulator you have loaded? It'd be interesting to see if the roms were running at different rates.

Frame rate is dictated by the console, not the cartridge, so in theory if you were to put the mega drive game in a NTSC North American Sega Genesis then it would run at 59.92 fps. Only early-release games are capable of this (I play Castle of Illusion on a mega drive cart on my model 2 Genesis), otherwise region lock prevents it. Emulator may be a different beast though.

Pennsylvania, USA

you can tell in the music alone. the australian version is slow. but the other version is same rate as former world record. put it this way, australian first split ends at 22 if everything goes right, but the other version ends on 18 if everything goes right like the former world record. a 4 second difference due to speed alone

Pennsylvania, USA

oddly enough every gameplay you find everywhere is on course with the slow version of 22, its the strangest finding ever. one thing i do kno is that there was an american version planned but canceled

Newfoundland, Canada

Just looking at my ROM library (I torrented the whole Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/32X library in one large zip file), and there are two roms for Daze: the official release, and a Beta version (the beta has 3 roms, the official release has 1).

Pennsylvania, USA

i ordered a repo cart, and i have a genesis that switches in between regions. so i guess ill find out more when it arrives. its gonna be a while before it gets here

Pennsylvania, USA

ahhh it makes sense, so i wonder how the rom i have lines up with ur run.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Usually we are not supposed to run games on a console from a different PAL/NTSC region because of this. So if the game was originally a PAL release, it should be run on PAL settings exclusively.

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Pennsylvania, USA

to further that, is it just me or does the snes and sega version feel like they run differently?

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