Interesting Stuff (WIP)
Interesting Stuff (WIP)
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This is basically a compilation of all interesting stuff the community has found in the game.

Out of Bounds 1 - Chapter 3 - Right as you get outside of the tunnel, turn to the left where the sheet of metal is and walk forward to start climbing up. This is an very easy OoB to perform, that sadly has no use as there is no currently known way to get back in bounds.

2 - Chapter 10 - At the very start of the chapter, look right and go towards the first pole. There is a slight edge in the mountain, so walk forward and until you get up a good amount. After this, look towards the pole and roll towards it and you will land on an invisible ceiling if done correctly, otherwise you probably didn't have enough height. After this, just do as the video below shows. This one is completely useless, but still cool nonetheless.

Skips 1 - Chapter 7 - There is a small cutscene that will occur when walking past a certain pipe. But you can actually roll past this cutscene trigger, which is EXTREMELY inconsistent (for me at least) and only saves ~5 seconds.

Other stuff 1 - Aftertouch longer range - All objects that changes your crosshair to spin can be used at a much further distance than normal. You only need to be close enough so that when aiming on it, the crosshair will spin, then you can walk away and still be able to use your glaive on it. It works on weapons, ammo and electrical "boxes".

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