Daggerfall Any% Text Notes
Daggerfall Any% Text Notes
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Hammerfell Choose from a class - Custom Maximize Speed (75)

Primary Skills

  • Thaumaturgy
  • Mysticism
  • Running

Major Skills

  • Jumping
  • Destrucion
  • Illusion

Minor Skills Alteration Any thing of the rest

Max hit points = 4

Special Disadvantages Critical Weakness to Disease Critical Weakness to Paralysis Forbidden Material Adamantium

Available Advantages Athleticism Increased Magery 3x INT in Spell Points Spell Absorption General

Start class, maximize Speed Running, Jumping and Alteration Maximized Very High Reflexes Delete all spells (Tab Delete) Alt F11 warp

Go to Hearthsley Grange Go to Ripmarket

Forward Run T, Space Bar

Go to bank, borrow 50000, letter of credit = withdraw 49000 Go to Mages Guild Join Guild Make Spells

Spell 1: Water Walking Duration 1 + 1 per 2 levels Light Duration 1 + 1 per 2 levels Open Chance 1 + 1 per 2 levels Named 1

Spell 2: Teleport Named x

Spell 3:

Damage -- Health Magnitude 1 - 1 + 11 - 11 - 3 Click Area at Range - Bottom Left Named k

Spell 4: Levitate Named f

Spell 5: Slow Fall Duration 1 + 1 Per 2 (20?) Named slog

Grind to Level 7 Open Spellbook Hold down Jump Key, Enterkey, cast key between Sage Monument + Reliquary of Sai

Morgiah's Wedding

Go to Wayrest - Chesterhead Wood, then back to Wayrest Go to Mansion Levitate to quest giver Set Anchor Alt F11

Go to Dragontail Mountains - TYPE Scourg Barrow Climb, then fall, go to quest giver Teleport

Go to Daggerfall - The Old Masterham Place Daggerfall - Daggerfall Kungfu up to castle, click door levitate Go to woman, set Anchor Alt F11

Go to (Quest Location) Kungfu up wall click door slog + levitate Find and kill werewolf with damage Teleport Complete quest

Go to next woman (on right) Anchor Talk to people for next location Talk to a guard person in the location, gives a new location Talk to another guard person, then levitate - teleport back GET SECOND QUEST AS WELL Alt F11

Go to Scourg Barrow Anchor Outside Get quest from spooky guy TALK A SECOND TIME TO PRETURN IN QUEST Go to Sentinel - Castle (SW) Levitate - head west (slight south) - up kill Lich thing

Go to Isle of Balfiera (Island) Singbury (near center) Head east, get on top of house Do a wait Point directly East (1 tick slight north) Do a bufferjump and cast slog Get rid of slowfall my doing a wait Get to Direnni Tower Kungfu Head SW to lady (Down Slightly) Cast Anchor Alt F11

Go to top right of map (Wrothgarian Mountains) - Shedungent Kungfu on door thing Levitate head NW (UP) Get horn on bed (NE) Teleport back ANCHOR AGAIN PLS Alt F11 Warp

Orsinium Area Go to Orsinium Head to top of stairs Kungfu Talk to naked green orc guy Keep heading west, falling (down) grab thing in big room center Go to Isle of Balfiera - Small one red dot

Dust of Restful Death


  1. Northeast and up – Fhojum cavern room
  2. South from cavern- huge room with altar and torches


  1. Down from entrance (SUPER FAR)
  2. South and down - lantern room


  1. Up from entrance – empty room
  2. Northwest and up from entrance – torture room


  1. Down from entrance – lantern room
  2. North and up from lantern room – torture room


  1. Northeast and down – cavern with fireplace room
  2. South, then east – grey room
  3. East and up – four torch room
  4. Northwest – two corner rooms

Click remains, click two green items Teleport Back

Go to The Old Masterham Place - Daggerfall Go to second woman Anchor next to King Go to Direnni Tower Kungfu - go SW to woman Go to Menevia: Chesterbrugh TWICE - Then Menevia Westcastle Climb on house right in front roof, point south Go to Lysandus' Tomb (text pops up) Do a wait Head North - NE - E to Blue glowy room, click tomb skip cutscene Alt F11

Got to Wayrest - Tuncart - Woodborne Hall Enter room, levitate room north out of ceiling go up, north Kill rogue like thing after talking? Alt F11

Go to Dragontail Mountains - Shrine of Dugrod Go to inventory - clothing & misc, use Go to Random Quest Location Talk to people about finding Lady Brisianna Go to the inn talk to the person Teleport then anchor? Levitate Head north - slight west up Collect baby, then teleport back to king, talk IMPORTANT DO NOT TALK TO KING BEFORE TURNING IN QUEST OR BUGGED OUT QUEST

Got to Worthgarian Mountains - Shedungent

Kungfu Levitate Talk to Nulfaga Go down slopes, into door - levitate up (SW)- Slightly North Head west, see lava = right wayinto room, click green gem END

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