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How much interest would there be in creating a NG any% HC run. I've been thinking that a big thing that is missing from Diablo 3 Speedruns is a speedrun where the monsters and bosses actually pose a significant threat. So the idea is that it would be the same NG Any% run except your character must be HC and the run must be done on a higher difficulty. Which difficulty it would have to be run on we would figure out by doing test runs before actually creating the category to make sure the difficulty we pick is tough enough for all classes but not too difficult that the run is impossible to finish. I think the difficulty would most likely end up being either expert or master leaning towards master. I personally think if we created such a run it should be an accomplishment just being able to complete the run where even the experienced Diablo 3 players would have to try very hard just to finish it.

So let me know if you guys are interested I'd be happy to do some test runs.

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What difficulty are you thinking about?
I might do some runs of that tho


@naxnax Probably master. If it ends up being to easy or too hard then probably 1 difficulty higher or lower. Anything Else I think would be too easy or near impossible.

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