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Hey all, first post here, new to speed running, but a long time D2 player.

I had an idea to propose here: a new category, one for SC and one for HC. It would be a 100% run, meaning all quests completed (including killing Cow King after Baal on each difficulty), but it would also require getting all Waypoints, not necessarily getting the whole map uncovered; and you must kill all super unique monsters (e.g. Pindleskin, Bishibosh) and bosses/minibosses (e.g. Blood Raven, Nihlathak).

An optional challenging aspect would be to not use Save & Exit at all (maybe only for softcore), use the red portal after Baal, and only use Save & Exit after killing Cow King on each difficulty as the exception.

This category would be listed as 100%, 100% HC, and 100% Hell & 100% Hell HC.

I'm thinking about practicing this a little bit first and then trying to post a 100% run, not hardcore or Hell difficulty, just Normal up through Cow King kill. The post would go up either on my twitch video submissions or YouTube linked in my profile here.

Any thoughts?


I believe this sort of category exists for the TAS runs, and r might've existed before as well but no one ran it. But if you want to stay rubbing it, go ahead! Maybe use it for races and stuff. If it gets enough interest in sure the mods wouldn't mind adding it - just look at the Pacifist category!


@mods diablo category extensions when?


I don't see any point for this to be a category.
Literally no speedrunner I know has real interest in it.


There is already a definition for a "100%" category for SDA Runs, it involves completing all quests on all difficulties, including cow kings (since the the game treats them like a quest).

Super unqiue bosses are not tracked by the game in any way so I would vote against including them. Similar issue like with the pacifist run - checking to make sure the runner killed Snapchip Shatter (and all the others) on all difficulties would be horrible.
IMO Reaching level 99 would be more 100%-worthy than killing all super uniques. [Note: I am not suggesting to add reaching level 99 to the category, I am just making a point here]

Waypoints, while WPs are not included in the SDA 100% category I can see where you are coming from and having runners go back to show the WPs & quests after runs for example would only take like half a minute - that would be doable.

Regarding what you call 100%/100%HC - I do not like the thought of calling 1/3 of the game (only Normal) "100%".

Forbidding save & exiting - or only allowing it after cow king (instead of going back to Baals red portal and leaving the game that way l0l) is counterproductive: No chance to get rid of immunity combinations your character cannot deal with, no chance to backtrack (as in once you are done with hell you quickly go and solve the teleport heavy quests in norm & nm) and what if Baals portal is out of your reach.
Different rules for SC and HC do not make sense at all. The only reason why HC and SC runs are seperated by category and not just a variable is because HC runners wanted gold trophies for their profiles. (Before they were seperated with a variable like the classes are seperated now)

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