Run Resetting - Automatically deletes and creates a new character for heavy-resetting strats. Info: (direct download)
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The Diablo Series Discord server. ***Message any one of us "Diablo Runners" on discord with your game and experience!*** (external link)
Last Updated: collects character data using Diablo Interface. It's good for easily sharing your characters with other runners. (external link)
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This is a very interesting tool for both viewers and speedrunners. For speedrunners it includes an autosplitter which can be set to areas, certain quests, levels or items. For viewers it can show various stats, the runes you need in a speedrun, goldcount and much more. There are still more things to come. (Chat bot currently in the works to show items to the chat) (external link)
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This tool is used to messure your times. You can customize the looks of it with a lot of different settings! (external link)
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Document showcasing world record history since the beginning of D2 speedrunning on (external link)
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Save file to practice Jail leveling with the sorceress. There are various item setups in the stash. (direct download)
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