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hey i have a question about the potion buy bug in the game.

i just finished a druid run that is submitted, but i had a potion buy bug late in the run.
(where you buy potions with the left mouse key and then you cant click anywhere and the game is stuck)
So i restarted the game. alt+F4.

But does this keeps my run legit or will it be discarded from the leaderboards ?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards,



Yes, that is a known thing and is most easily avoided by never left click buying potions too quickly. We have lost runs to it in the past, which is always painful.

We've never had a run rejected because of that or from having the game crash or accidentally closing the game down mid run. Mods are free to correct us if we're incorrect.

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Aah oke
Thank you Ellie for the quick response 😉
i will hold my ultra left clicking speed to a normal then 😛

enjoying your streams, keep up the good work.


You can get out of that freeze by opening your belt with the tilda key "~" and then pressing "ESC" it should exit you out of the shop.

But no, quitting out of D2 and D2 crashing does not invalidate your run. If your game crashes suspiciously close to you nearly dying...... That's a different story.


aaah thanks for that advice!

yeah thats understandable

have a great weekend 🙂

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