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Hello Community

Fuzziboy and myself have talked about the "fragile and unstable" state of speedrun rules and the leaderboards as a whole.

The changes of the past 12 months in terms of strategies and rules have created a lot of chaos (especially for new speedrunners) within the rules and the leaderboards. They also made it unintuitive to start picking this game up as a speedrun.

To stabalize rules and leaderboards (and to give us moderators some time of peace 😉 ) we decided to set a time every year in which you can adress issues to the community and in which votings take place if necessary.

In 2021 this time will be within September.
Untill then the rules and the leaderboards will stay as they are. These are the rules that you have voted on in discord.

If you are currently not in the discord, please join it and take part in the discussions taking place there: https://discord.gg/8zTAqc4T4h

We try to be transparent and open to the community. At the same time we can not change things every 2 months.

Greetings from your Moderation-Team

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