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Stay awhile and listen!

I'd like to invite you to the tournaments that are organised by Diablo 2 player named Penta with the support of Rus_Brain and GoodGame.ru.


There are tournament rules that should be followed very carefully. Rules are not finished yet, and I think some of them can be edited / updated before beginning of the race.
Start dates are Sep 23 and Sep 27.

Short description:
1. First tournament is a Race, so you will play a game as a regular speedrun. There are some restrictions in the rules, so pay attention.
2. Second and Third tournament are IRONMAN tournaments (single and party of 2). This game mode is inherited from Diablo 1 and this means that players can't use NPC services (except taking/finishing quests), and can't use quest rewards. There are also some other restrictions, so please read the rules.
Win condition: kill Baal on Hell.

The website GoodGame.ru is in Russian, so with any questions please ask here of the forum, or in the tournament chat (right block on the tournament page). In chat you can use English, not a problem.

Good luck to everyone and let the strongest win!

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