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I was thinking about possibly speedrunning Diablo II, so I've been watching some videos and looking at the resources to try and get started. I noticed in Bender's Any% Assassin run that he kept his inventory upon death. I thought your inventory stayed with your body on death. Is this a glitch or am I just remembering wrong?


Only your equipment is on your body. You keep everything in your inventory. And I think when there is space you get potions from your belt, but I don't remember it's been a while.


The items you are carrying will remain in the lower inventory window (where you would keep your Town Portal and Identification Tomes normally). Any equipped gear (i.e. body armor, weapon, shield) remain on your body until you retrieve it.

The potions that are in your additional belt rows will first attempt to fill into your available inventory and then any additional items will fall on the ground. Your carried gold will also fall onto the ground.


This is not too relevant, but when you die also the item on your cursor is stored on the corpse, which is the only way to have two of the same unique charms on one (softcore) character

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