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Hi All

I would like to request a new category, which I would like to drop here as a Challenge as well.
It's called the Lone Wolf Challenge, which has nothing to do with the druid form.
You can also call it the Social Distancing Challenge 🙂

It means, that you can't:
- Go home to trade, gamble, identify, hire...
- Go home, to be safe, or just because you restarted
- Obviously, NO S&Q
- No Scroll of Town Portal / Portal Shrine used (You can use portals not opened by you, like Hell Portals in Act 5)
- Die. (HC only mode :))
- Get Quest rewards from characters in town.

You can:
- Start, do any quest, that doesn't require you to go home
- Except Izual. Izual adds reward to Tyrael, and you need to talk to Tyrael.

So, in short, you must ASAP leave all the act towns, and can only return, and only do the "Quest" talking, when needed to progress.
- In Act 1, this is from start until the end, just Warriv at the end
- In Act 2, this means you can come home to go to the Palace (needs some talking), and then at the end. Sewers quest is impossible withot returning, so you can't do that.
- In Act 3, basically nothing until the end.
- In Act 4, basically nothing, until the end. You can't kill Izual, because that would give you an additional talk with Tyrael for two skills.
- In Act 5, basically nothing, until the end. Obviously, you can't go for Nihlathak, and can't free Anya.

I think this will give a completely different challenge than any other Speedrun before, because:
- You can't spam trades
- You will not have the same rune-gear over and over again
- You can't spam same region for exp

Let me know, what do you think, and if it's possible (because I will try during these quarantine days), Add this, as an option for Speedrun submission.


So basically Iron Man challenge lol

A clarification question re: "You can use portals not opened by you" if you find a portal shrine, are you allowed to use it to go back to town? (Probably only purpose of this is to access WP for backtracking)

Also, could you kill Izzy, but not claim the quest until it's necessary to move to act 5? Since you have to talk to Tyreal to go to act 5, you can do both of those at the same time

"Not having the same rune gear" translates to "only runs that drop Tal eth will be worth running" and might not make it very fun to compete

Definitely a possible run category, but will people run it?? That's the main thing

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TP: I meant TP to Tristram, and Andy, or portals to the Hell in Act 5. You can't go home, unless you have to, to go forward, so no Portal Shrines. Thx for asking.

Izzy: Still a no, because it is still adds an additional talk (an additional click) to Tyrael at the end of Act 4, and a reward from him. We need social distancing Man!

I'm not sure about the Tal Eth, because there are other areas now 😉.


Addition to my previous message that is less about speedrunning:

Iron man challenge is meant to be just that: a challenge. Not being able to buy potions makes this run extremely painstaking, and would not be very fun to grind for speedrunning purposes, IMO. Could be fun for races and the like, but I can't see it being a speedrun category


Tp to Tristram requires you to talk to Akara after getting the scroll btw


Basically this run is more of a "low%" category, with the fewest quest objectives being even activated. If we were to treat the run in this fashion, This means that runs would be obsolete as soon as Jade Figurine dropped, or if Izual appeared on screen extremely briefly, no tower run at all, etc


Akara is a Fair point.
Others are not. You can touch the Gidbin, you can touch the Jade Figurine, because you will never ever-ever go back home, to talk to Ormus. You just can't get the talking part of the Quest. You can't talk to them.


So: Izual is extra, because in order to Progress to Act 5, you have to talk to Tyrael, and this is why Izual is explicitly banned. However, Countess is not, because you don't need to talk to quests about the Countess with Warriv, who will let you pass to Act 2. You can get the Horadric Malus (but why), because you will never ever talk to Charsi.
You can free the barbarians in Act 5, and kill the Overseer, you will just not get the rewards for that. You can't freeze out Anya, so it doesn't really matter there.


This will not be added
The purpose of this page is to speedrun - not to make it intentionally hard to do a run

btw... This is a challange that is as old as diablo 2 itself.

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I agree, that this is an old one.

However, I don't agree with you argument, that the purpose is to speedrun and not to make it intentionally hard to do the run, because there are a lot of challenge based speedruns at almost every game, including this one. By this rule, we should remove Pacifist run as well, because it is just an intentionally made hard run as well.


@sceuriolusceuriolu: You can run whatever you want, you don't need a leaderboard for that. If it proves to be a wanted category, then it's something worth considering. This seems maybe like a nice challenge, but I doubt many people want to run it. We have 2 misc categories: pacifist which some people run and PreLoD (which one person runs, but it's quite obvious why it exists)

As far as my experience goes, most challenge runs don't have a leaderboard.


the problem with this challenge is that there is no guarantee of a finished run. (And I dont wanna hear "hc isnt a guaranteed finished run either") -> that is an intentional game mode at least.

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If it becomes popular enough for people to run it i think it should be added to misc.
If you complete it and show it is possible then someone else might do it, or be commissioned to do it, and once there are a few runs out there then a new category could be born. I think it is interesting where some regen abilities might become more valuable like atleast 1 point in warmth for sorc. Farming boss groups like Beetleburst seems like a good way to but pot up and level up. No save and quit might be what makes this not viable though, but prove me wrong.

I am all about weird meme runs. Pacifist is my favourite category.

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