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Hey everyone, Elisyo here, a guy that you don't know about but whose lurking on some of D2 / speedruns streams and who had an idea.
I saw some streamers who played some lockout / bingo on other games (like MC / Zelda / Mario for example), and was wondering how it would turn out on Diablo 2.
In case you don't know, a bingo is where you race against someone else to get 25 goals in a specific time limit. First to 25 or the one who complete the most goals when time ends win. Lockout is the version where when someone do a goal, it is uncompletable for his opponent. So it becomes the first to 13.

I have began to gather the maximum of goals that I could find out and managed to get a good amount of those inside a sheet. Some of them could be really interesting and others are actually tricky because it requires a very good game knowledge !

So, my question is simple, would you guys be interested to play some of it against each others on diablo 2 ?


Sounds interesting. Can you share the spreadsheet?


Hey, not right now I would say because it is kind of a mess. But for sure I can share it once I cleaned it up a bit, specify some goals, etc...


Is this time limit like... during one stream or within like 10 days?


I think this is the kind of thing that both runner will have to agree one beforehand. There is other parameter like that which should be considered :
_ Character chosen before, or each other choose depending of the goals (meaning that the bingo have to open the possibility for both ?).
_P1 or PX ?
_Softcore or Hardcore ?

And I believe that there is other points that should be decided by runners and not "forced" by the bingo/lockout.
For now, if we consider a good speedrunner, with a slow character, the longer goals may take a bit more than 2 hours I'd say ? Like I didn't consider more than act 2 Nightmare because I didn't know how long they should be. Furthermore, this kind of "really long goals" will follow a logic that there won't be more than a specific number (maybe only one ?).
I'd say that for lockout, it is "less important" because the first to reach 13 goals ends the race, which could be fast.

Very long answer for a short question, but wanted to explain my whole idea around this 🙂


Just a little side note as I'm cleaning the sheet, I have more than 100 goals for now.


Hey everyone, I'm back with the sheet :

As for now, I have 144 goals registered in it, don't hesitate to tell me what you think of the idea, give feedback, etc...

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