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Is it time to remove this unused category extension now? Anyone could see it was a rush decision made by Ryuquezacotl because Slimo was using jail.


As further proof I submit:

He's already onto to making up a new category.

(edited: )

What do you have against a category with over 40 speedruns posted in it? It's kinda ironic that you chose this over PD2 also, which has far less runs submitted.

Edit: I also think this Ryu-pre-geared category is really cool, I've already began creating a character and plan on running with it when I can find time. With the runs being on "Category Extensions", I'm all for filling out a few tabs worth of challenge-runs, as long as it gets a decent amount of traction (I think >15ish runs is a decent start).

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It's just category extensions. It's kinda designed for these silly categories that are mostly for fun or challenge. Challenge runs are something that we have on multiple different category extension leaderboards and there have never been complaints. It's refreshing, makes people return, even if just for one race or something.

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