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Hello! I've been speedrunning Normal Any% for a month or so now, and I kinda want to try my hand at a Hell run, just for funsies. There's some good information scattered here and there, but I haven't found a guide or page that goes through runes, gear, quests and other miscellany (Such as viable Ancients combinations, what class is the easiest, etc) you need for the run. I don't expect too much from myself doing a Hell run, but I still really want to try it. Any help is greatly appreciated. ❤️


in this spreadsheet you will at least find the skillbuilds for almost every char.

as for quests:
in norm + nightmare you get all skill / stat quests (-radament cuz out of the way)

as for gear:
highly depends on char - i will try to add that to my speedrun guide soonish


I just followed this guide and I just realized there are no suggestion for stats. I´m guessing it´s pretty much max vitality and the other stats you need for the items you may have gotten.


yeah as usual with most characters: str / dex for the items you want to equip as much energy as necessary (for ¤real¤ characters: 0, in speedruns sometimes a few points to make mana-management easier) and all remaining points into vitality.

in speedruns you dont really get the items you would need to go for maxblock and most chars rely on skills (and not weapons) to deal the damage they do so extra str/dex is useless most of the time

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What about Levels, when do you move one (as a sorc for example) from normal to nightmare and when do you move on from nightmare to hell?

Regards, Sebastian.


Howdy Sebastiangus,

For the Sorc you want to be level 24 by Normal Ancients, this will level you to 25 and you'll be able to farm nightmare mobs for Exp starting then.

You want to be minimum level 40 for Nightmare ancients, and it's fine to move onto Hell at 41+. Typically you'd pick up 2-4 levels while finishing out the NM throne room +baal kill +finishing any quests you didn't complete in NM. Walking into hell around level 45. Anything higher is a bonus.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Yeah, I'm not sure if anyone can answer this. But what would be the Barbrian any% hell skillguide? Or does it change depending on what you gets dropped for you.

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