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So, D2 remaster has me hyped, and I've seen Llamas youtube stuff for a while, so I figured..why not try to speedrun my favorite game of all time?!

Even if I fail, I've learned so much in the past year about a game I've played for 20 years, and it kinda blows my mind.

One of those things being: how map layouts work.
I know there are guides on how to read where the exit is, and I love it. I want to practice more though..and practice maybe even when I don't have access to a PC.

Is there any online tool available to help new players "test" their knowledge of how a map is laid out? Like an app or something that will let you pick a dungeon or area, load up a random map, and let you try to figure out the exit as fast as possible?

If not..how hard would this be to get data for, because I can potentially provide free hosting and server space for such a thing to exist!


There is no such tool and I think creating (a meaningful) one would be pretty hard.

A lot of mapreading comes down to identify on which tile you are and turning away from deadends as fast as possible. You can train that by looking at the Tilecollection for example: https://www.speedrun.com/d2lod/guide/dadr3

A tool to train this probably would just put a black layer over most of the tile, just show you what you would see ingame and have multiple choice like "is a deadend", "continues to left+right"... However each different area (caves, catacombs, jungle...) would need very specific "reveal" points and not every tile can be decided on at the same point. So I`d say probably easy to program, hard to get the data right


for the moment I'd recommend taking a high level character and running them (not teleporting) through new normal maps (reset maps by changing difficulties) without the worry of monsters and training yourself to recognize the tiles as they are revealed

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learning where exits are is helpful and learning where they are not can save alot of time too.

and also if you take up blazers suggestion id recommend a barb so u can run around in a frenzy yelling at all the weaklings 😃

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