Any% H P8 - Hardcore, SOR in 6h 17m 51s by IndrekIndrek (Obsolete)

In-game time: 6h 17m 51s

Submitted by:
IndrekIndrek on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
LaVLaV on


Name Duration Finished at
-Andariel 34m 07s 000ms 34m 07s
-Duriel 18m 35s 000ms 52m 42s
-Mephisto 21m 48s 000ms 1h 14m 30s
-Diablo 8m 49s 000ms 1h 23m 20s
{Normal} Baal - -
-Andariel 21m 15s 000ms 1h 44m 35s
-Duriel 18m 37s 000ms 2h 03m 13s
-Mephisto 12m 52s 000ms 2h 16m 05s
-Diablo 9m 28s 000ms 2h 25m 34s
{Nightmare} Baal 0m 28s 000ms 2h 26m 02s
-Andariel 10m 01s 000ms 2h 36m 04s
-Duriel 21m 28s 000ms 2h 57m 33s
-Mephisto 12m 15s 000ms 3h 09m 48s
-Diablo 37m 59s 000ms 3h 47m 47s
{Hell} Baal 2h 30m 03s 000ms 6h 17m 51s
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