Any% H P8 - Softcore, SOR in 5h 37m 06s by IndrekIndrek (Obsolete)

In-game time: 5h 37m 06s

Submitted by:
IndrekIndrek on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
LaVLaV on


Name Duration Finished at
Andariel 32m 34s 000ms 32m 34s
Duriel 18m 49s 000ms 51m 23s
Mephisto 20m 07s 000ms 1h 11m 31s
Diablo 5m 15s 000ms 1h 16m 46s
Nm Andariel 12m 43s 000ms 1h 29m 30s
Nm Duriel 10m 17s 000ms 1h 39m 47s
Nm Mephisto 11m 22s 000ms 1h 51m 10s
Nm Diablo 8m 05s 000ms 1h 59m 15s
Hell Andariel 11m 54s 000ms 2h 11m 09s
Hell Duriel 16m 27s 000ms 2h 27m 37s
Hell Mephisto 8m 30s 000ms 2h 36m 08s
Hell Diablo 32m 52s 000ms 3h 09m 00s
Hell Baal 2h 28m 05s 000ms 5h 37m 06s
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