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7 months ago

Does anybody know if there is a romhack or something that gives the Aria of Sorrow cart bonuses on start by default? I play on a 3DS with Luma and its not capable of loading Aria into a second slot like PC Emulators are.

Nova Scotia, Canada

I did my run on a R4 flash cart and there's a cheat you can use for Dawn that makes the game detect Aria in the GBA slot. It's the reason there's runs on the console board that say "Emulated GBA Slot". That was the community solution to players wanting to play on an actual 3DS but not lose out on the GBA slot benefits.

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Oh cool, thanks. I hadn't heard of this. Do you mind linking to somewhere I can read more about how to set this up?

Nova Scotia, Canada

When you're hovering over the game in the R4 card menu you can press B to move to the Cheat menu. When I drop down the "Unlock All Codes" the very last one in the list is "Unlock AoS Bonus Content".


You might not have the code depending on your usrcheat.dat. There is one I uploaded with it in resources but I can't download it anymore for some reason. Just look for one in the internet if needed.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Strange, not sure why you're having issues downloading it. I clicked the link in resources to test and it seemed a little slow to start but did download for me.


I mean, it's great then, it's not like I need it

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