Guide for Any% NMC
2 years ago
New York City, NY, USA

Hey all, I was thinking of getting started with this run, and have been following along with Jupiter's record video, which has honestly been pretty easy to play alongside so far.

That being said, I'm sure there's a lot of tech and nuances that I'm not picking up on, so I'm wondering if there are any guides - or any plans to write a guide - on the current routing?

I was also checking Romscout's older video and it's really cool to see how the run has evolved since then!


Hey Impulse, cool that you'll be running this. I'm not very well known with this forum(although i've watched a lot of DoS runs) and not sure if someone will upload a guide. But i'm sure you could ask Diagon/Jupiterclimb some questions on their twitch/youtube. Diagon is very active in CV running. So you might catch him at a right time. Hope that this could help :)

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If you want to get some additional info or ask some questions about DS/GBA CV games runs the best place to ask them would be our discord in specific game's channel. Also feel free to PM me or other runners as well as ask anything during livestreams. I wanted to do a guide of some sort earlier but honestly the game is literally free to pick up and run. Also remember that you don't have to aim for top times at first. My first finished run was 29 minutes with 2 Menace resets for example. So just practice, run and at least try having fun. :)

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