The Game Boy Color port leaderboard situation
2 years ago


This topic has been brought up in the past. Though, not publicly. It's been talked about in our community discord and in twitch chat.

The point of this thread is to have an open discussion and to hear the thoughts of other members of the community about the matter.

It also directed as a request to our former Super Moderator @Rayquaza911 since he is the only one with the power to make a change.

To the point:

As some of you are aware, there exists another version of this game. It was only released on Game Boy Color in Europe as part of a Konami Collection with four popular Konami Game Boy games on it. The port to Game Boy Color took full advantage of the hardware upgrade. Not only does it feature full color, but also the faster clock speed of the GBC eliminates ALL lag from the game. As such, it is the fastest version to run.

Other than the colorization and lag difference, it is functionally the same as the original JP release (Cross subweapon)

It is estimated that running the GBC port saves around 20 seconds throughout the full run just on lag.

The problem, however. Which prevents us from having it as a category here, is that many years ago Rayquaza made a separate leaderboard for the "Konami GB Collection Vol. 4" title here on sr.c where it resides to this day. There are four games on the collection, and each game is a separate category. And yes, "Vol. 4", there were multiple collection games released with colorized versions.

Up until Lunatix's run was moved over there recently since they were running on that version, Ray's run was the only one on the board. So it has not been a popular version to run.

I feel, and I hope the community feels this way too, that it would be better to have the GBC port of Belmont's Revenge, moved from the Collection leaderboard to this board right here, as a separate category, since this is where people naturally go when it comes to Belmont's Revenge.

It would get more exposure over here for sure, and hopefully bring more runners in over time. If you search for "Belmont's Revenge" on sr.c, you will not find the "Konami GB Collection Vol. 4" board in your search at all. So unless you know it exists on this collection and you specifically search for that title, you will not find it. And I think that's a real shame since it has the potential for lowest time with the lack of game lag.

I hope others feel the way I do, that the game should be moved here. It just makes so much more sense.

Since the Collection board already exists, and Rayquaza is the Super Mod still over there. What I propose for him to do if people agree that it should be tracked over here instead is the following:

  1. Allow us to create a category for this version over here.
  2. Let us move the existing two runs to the newly created category here.
  3. On the collection board, do one of the following:

A. Delete the category, post a link to our board in the forum section B. Keep the category, Remove all runs. Make a manual submission with the name of the player something like "Leaderboard_moved_Check_forum_for_info"

Let me hear peoples thoughts on this.

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Jönköping, Sweden

I'm all for the suggested changes.

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Definitely agree that all games belong on their respective leaderboard. On Volume 1 we also have a version of Adventure that lags waaaay less than the original. There's a difference of 4 whole minutes between the tases I found between the original and color version.

Not sure how much of that is lag vs strat difference, but I can assure you it's the fastest version by a big margin.

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There was an agreement made last year that the GBC game belonged on the konami collection leaderboard (those boards were only to track the GBC version, not GB), but now you want it back here. Everyone will have different opinions on what to do with multigame carts, each side has good arguments. My opinion hasn't changed since I made those boards.

I have removed those runs so you can track them here. Just don't do what Super Mario Bros. 1 does and hides the SNES version as a misc. category.

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I've read through it closely trying to check different perspectives. I'd say I agree on the suggestions here from Burb and Spriven.

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