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Hey all, I know it has been awhile. First off, I want to say that after testing load times between Gamecube, Dolphin, and the Wii (both with Progressive Scan Mode on and off) offline for awhile now and talking it over with the other mods for awhile we are allowing Emulator runs to be on the leader board by default.

But it comes with a caveat though, while I was testing out the load times, there was a small, but distinguishable time save for Emulator which is constant compared to consoles. Its nothing spectacular by itself but it does add up. The loads going into areas, out of areas, fade in and out of menus and into and out of battles, Summed up on average a run will save roughly 55 seconds compared to the Wii or GC

The GC is almost like Dolphin but still has fluctuating time saves compared to emulator which can be more steady in the double battles, Also the Wii may be the consistently slowest overall with progressive scan mode turned on causing loading times to increase

So, if we will state right now that emulator runs will be allowed on the leader board, but any run under 2:05 will have to be done on console either Wii or Gamecube, a ~50 second time save at that point is a lot to compete against at with that range, so please be aware of this. This shouldn't be too much of a issue right away, but I want this to be addressed from the get go and not sprung up on people when they run this game. As of posting this, no Emulator run has gone below sub 2:09.

We didn't feel like we should just add X time to Emulator runs since the times are still unknown based on computers and performances, just as of right now we do know that the load times between Emulator and Wii and GC are different enough where we are comfortable to allow them on the Leaderboard by default, but we feel this is a good compromise to help new runners get on the Leaderboard.

If there are any questions be sure to let me know, I'll be working in the background for awhile getting things updated resources/guides wise and what not for the Speedrun page, as well the Custom Robo Speedrunning discord, which should now be linked on the page. 🙃

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I still think wii is faster than GC. I was saving frames on every load.

Might just come down to the age of the hardware affecting the laser.


That may be the case as well, my old wii is constant, but at this point may be slower as well. But least I can say emulator is faster than both by frames per load as well consistently.

Also coming out of the cubes in double battles is much faster as well in emulator and doesn't tend to lag like the GC and Wii.