Japanese TAS (1:40) uses the Vertical Gun
7 years ago
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It's located here: http://tasvideos.org/3499S.html

From what I can tell he/she seems to think Ray 01 is the only robo allowed. They also use the feather legs (they say phaser but I clicked on a video and I'm pretty sure those are the feather legs)

Anyway, should us speedrunners switch to the Vertical gun rather than the 3-Way?

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Ray 01 only is theoretically fastest and hence why the TAS uses it.

The TAS was submitted as a "Play-around" and thus not meant to be 100% optimal. If I had to guess, since Vertical has a fairly large amount of DWN and can go over walls, it worked out well for dicking around. It has way too much knockback unlike 3-way however which you can spam.

The new Any% route recently made doesn't use the Javelin anymore in favor of Ray 01+Metal Ape throughout the entire game. It's possible that Vertical is faster given we don't know what is truly the fastest route yet.

You can do testing if you want, but don't get your hopes up is all I'm saying lmao

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Even though it's a play around, they still completed the game in a hour and 40 minutes. iirc TASes aren't usually that much faster than speedruns right?

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Yes, but the RNG manip in that TAS is something crazy.

So yes Vertical has potential, even so I doubt it's truly faster in RTAs if TASes

not entirely relevant, but I timed all the fights in the tas and compared them to the current record

Results: 3532s (58m52s) of fights in record (including 2 deaths (276s) and an unnecessary fight (37s)) 1788s (29m48s) of fights in tas difference of 1744s (29m4s) in fights about 35s for the non-fighting parts of the extra fight (isn't quite that simple but close probably) 2:26:27 record 1:40:21.9 (1:40:22) tas (adjusted to 1:39:42 due to timing differences) difference of 2805s (46m45s) total difference of 1026s (17m6s) due to mashing, saving/loading, part generator visits, part swaps, and minor route differences

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But did Vertical cause that much time save over RTA strats? idk

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It's more so the really solid gameplay that saves time in the TAS, not the specific parts. A better comparison would be between how quickly the TAS deals damage with charges, bombs, pods, etc. Plus the WR is pretty unoptimized. The WR has changed since this conversation started by quite a bit, and most of the damage/time saved in runs is due to straight up playing better/rng manipulation. The any% run uses the 3-way at melee range (practically touching) optimally. Some of the battles in the run are nearing TAS level consistency, but they are few and far between.

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Wait, an unnecessary fight? When did I have an unnecessary fight?

Unless I'm missing something obvious, you do 3 fights in the maze section when only 2 are required. Compare to .

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I'm partly to blame for the 3-fight maze route as it was what I used in 2013. The fact that no one else in the current community decided to try and test this tho is somewhat incredible.

I will at least take partial blame :P

Sub 2:20 anyone? Kappa

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Welp, there's a one fight route through the maze \o/ and it wasn't even found by a runner

that's pretty funny

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Wait, there's a one fight maze route? Since when was this?

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Apparently this was always a thing, but we only found out this exists thanks to Razorman97

The current maze route is in my PB if you want to see it #UnshamefulPlug

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