a new category
1 year ago

a get ms chalice category?

California, USA

Don’t think that’ll wind up being a whole new category, but we’ll see! Think it’s more likely to be used as a variable within the other categories though

United States

I think that level leaderboards should be added involving the king's leap, and the nightmare fight. Maybe there could be a leaderboard for all 5 of the individual king's leap bosses in the level leaderboard, and a split between beating the bosses as Cuphead, or chalice. There could also be a kings gauntlet leaderboard. For the nightmare, we would just see how fast we can beat it. I know a YouTuber who has done speedruns for all the king's leap bosses individually, and i know that they would make good level leaderboards. Just a suggestion in case you need a new category.

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