Setting up the CTTR Load Remover
3 years ago
Orkney, Scotland

Download the latest release from Either follow the guide in the provided README.txt, or continue reading below.


First, run the CTTR.exe. Click start and tick the box labeled preview. Increase the X, Y, width, and height do that the top right of the preview window is the top right of the in-game minimap, and the bottom left corner is the bottom left corner of your game feed.

Once you have aligned the capture, cause the game to enter a black screen. Click stop, then click "save black-screen".

Click start, cause the game to enter a loading screen. Click stop, then click "save load-screen".

Click start again, now you will notice two sets of numbers rapidly changing in the bottom left corner, these numbers is how certain the program is that the screen is black of loading repsectivly. The closer the number is to zero, the more certain the program is.

Note how low the values go in the correct circumstances, then click stop. In the threshold boxes, enter a number which is more than the highest number the program reached in the correct circumstances.

To test the software, click start, and watch the Is Loading checkbox. If the program believes the game is loading, the box will be ticked, and when it is not loading, it will be unticked.

When you are happy with your configuration, click "Save Settings". You can also load your settings at a later date.


Now, start Livesplit, go to Edit Layout, and add a "Scriptable Autosplitter". Select CTTR.asl. As long as you have clicked Save Settings in the above step, this should now pause the time during load screens. Please remember to swap your comparision to game time, as it does not affect real time.


I'm not sure what's wrong with mine, i followed all the steps, it even works correctly on the actual capture thing, (has the tick when its loading etc). I have the asl file as a scriptable autosplitter in the settings and all of my settings are set to game time.

It just doesn't stop the timer i dont know why, (i have the timer set to game time also).

Orkney, Scotland

is the CTTR scripts, images, and exe in a folder called "CTTR" in the livesplit directory?


Yeah there all in there, the settings too