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so i heard they're are people working on glitchless for chrono trigger. Was wondering if anyone know anything about it or if it'll happen at all? Seems like alot of fun and would love to try it myself if someone has a route found out for it, even if its not offical


Hey link, fancy meeting you here. The current Glitchless runners are very limited, the main reason there is nothing regarding glitchless here is that nobody really ran it competetively. Also there is 2 versions to it basically.

If you are looking for your everyday Glitchless run im sure you saw Puwexil + Essentia run "100% Glitchless no RNG Manipulation" in the past couple days, those 2 are the only one that really bothered doing that aswell. If you are interested in those sort of shennanigans you will have to message/ask them for notes/help since I do not think they have public notes. Also the route is very fresh so there is probably lots of improvements to have as is.

If you are just looking for runs without RNG manip, DrunkenDraconian has done a bunch of these (tagged with "no S+Q") and he also does BS1 Active challenge runs of the game which i find really interesting.

Unfortunatley there are no public notes available as far as im aware for any of that but if you ask the people I am sure they will help you out, the only one of them that use regularily is DrunkenDraconian though.

Cheers and Farlem.


thanks magus, yea i was talking jp about it. Thought maybe someone might know more about it and maybe getting some notes on it, i guess ill have to ask them directly. But was hoping it would something like glitchless w/ manip mainly cause it would be fun to see some of the strats with manip but maybe that just me thinking that haha. Thanks man.



I was gonna ask about this as well. I've been watching Puexil's latest PB and taking notes off of that, very detailed notes at that. I own a blog and will be posting them on there instead of using google docs like everyone else does.

Its unfortunate that Glitchless 100% isn't a more competitive category, but it is a very long run so it makes sense that it isn't.

  RedSlashRedSlash is a pretty active streamer who focuses on Glitchless 100% (he's created strats that Puwexil & Essentia now use). Gonna have to send you his way :>

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