Crash Restructure Proposal
1 year ago
Florida, USA

Leave Any% and Deathless alone. Their timing start/stops will remain the same. This will be reflected by it's category rules, as they will differ from the new timing rules

---Category Expansion---

-Victory% (School) - 4 new categories requiring the player to actually win the event, sorted by school, as each school has varying potential.

-Underdog% - Win the MVP award at the end of a full event with either Zach (Washington) or Milo (Jefferson). They are equally bad. This is a challenge category.

-Short% - Using the "Short" Mode only, pick any 3 stages in any order, and win the event.

-Individual Level Categories 5 stages broken into 2 categories: Practice and Event

This creates 10 level categories that we can further double by including "Victory/Defeat" seperations if we wanted.

Player MUST be victorious in either case. Practice runs are much shorter.

The division between Practice and Event is necessary, as you can't buy items in Practice Mode.

---New Timing Rules For New Categories---

  • All new categories will have timing begin upon pressing "YES" when asked "IS THIS OKAY?" before starting any competition.

-Victory%/Short% - Timing ends the first frame of confirmation of your chosen school's victory (Podium)

-Underdog% - Timing ends the first frame of confimation that Milo/Zack has won the MVP award (Event Awards Screen)

-Event Category - Timing ends on first frame showing Winning School Logo of the final race/contest

-Practice Category - Timing ends upon loss of control of your character.

This is the proposal at current, and we're looking for your feedback! We would like your thoughts and feelings on expanding this wonderful game into a much larger variety of categories! Feel free to voice your opinions on this matter here!

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Washington, USA

You already know how I feel about this. Looking forward to the new categories, and making Milo MVP again!

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