A proposal regarding categories for this game
6 years ago
California, USA

Hi, I currently run two other games by this developer and am working on routing Any% Agent (Normal Difficulty).

There is one thing I think that really should be addressed with running this game early on so that it can be avoided in the future. Namely, the bugs with the game.

I'm not opposed to glitches or glitch abusing in speedrunning, but due to the rocky nature of this game's launch and how it's getting gradually patched to get rid of gamebreaking bugs due to how frequently and unpredictably they show up, I think there should be some sort of distinction or restriction involving "Any% with glitches" vs "Any% glitchless/No Major Glitches", or something along the lines of "Any% current patch", as I certainly don't want to say something along the lines of "We shouldnt speedrun this until the glitches are patched" either.

Currently the two most broken glitches I know of are a glitch where enemies will die right at the start of battle (though I am unaware of how to manipulate or control this) and a pseudo-NG+ bug where equipment that is obtained in a previous playthrough may leak into a new playthrough if a file that is in late-game is saved over. So far I've had it happen where Chahn has a weapon with 184 power at a time where her weapon should be around ~30.

The reason why I propose this is mainly due to the fact that the continual patching of this game is going to lead to old patches having glitches which are unfair to use and compare runs to because the game will no longer be available in that state, leaving only people with access to those patches or DRM-free launch versions of the game able to get those times should they exploit the glitches. (I also don't think glitches like these are especially fun to run with myself, but to each their own on subjective matters.)

Virginia, USA

I'd also like to run silly categories such as, Cthulhu or Rem %.

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California, USA

Those are fine, though you can always run those without a leaderboard for them being up yet.

I was mainly expressing a concern due to the fact that the game is gradually getting patched, that old runs might be impossible to beat due to access to old patches on DRM-free versions, which would defeat the purpose of even having a leaderboard if the only people who could replicate day 1 bugs were lumped in together with v1.07+.

Granted Im not mod and I'd still run NMG anyways even if it never got added lol

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