Corpse Party 3DS
6 years ago
South Yorkshire, England

Pretty similar topic to the other forum post but I'm not sure what to do about the 3DS version. Could it be added here or would it need a separate game to account for the additional content? Should hopefully have a few runs done soon so just wanted to know for when they're submitted ♪

Edit: Done my first few runs and I feel it definitely should be a different game for similar reasons to the PC version. Holding X gives you a text skip, and while it isn't as fast as the PC version, it seems noticeably faster than the PSP version. My first run was 14:24 - almost two minutes faster than PSP WR despite a fair bit of unoptimal movement ().

I don't mind helping setup a 3DS board, if that's a concern. I think that's everything I have to say ♥

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United States

Yeah, I should probably do that. Thanks for bringing it up, I haven't played the 3DS edition yet.

South Yorkshire, England

I ended up requesting the 3DS version because I get anxious waiting for responses... Sorry about that lol. But it's been really fun to play, especially the added stuff. Definitely pick it up if you have the chance o/

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