Added difficulty levels?
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Hello! Sorry for the slow reply to this post. You mentioned your challenge run was coming up soon, would you still like Normal and Difficult tracked? There had been no interest in running them before but personally I wouldn't have a problem with tracking them with the same ruleset. Other mods here could chime in as well.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I usually play these games on default difficulty, I'd love to have them tracked as well :D

Pennsylvania, USA

Not a problem! I'll give the other mods some time to weigh in if they want to, but I don't see any issue with tracking 'normal' and 'difficult'. The ruleset would be the same. When I get another free moment here, I'll update things a bit so that it's helpful for everybody. In the past, it was assumed there wasn't a lot of interest in 'normal' or 'difficult' modes of the speedrun since they just require the player to collect more cool points, but don't let me tell you what's fun! I'd be personally interested to see what sorts of routing and runs folks come up with - more power to you! If there's anything else we'd like to discuss about the ruleset or new tracks before they get added, please feel free to do so here.

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