Congratulations to the new WR by themotherbrain86
6 years ago

hopefully you can see this. you realy did a good play though not perfect in stage 5. i will study the vedio carefully and beat you next time. by the way, if you has a Tencent QQ acount, you or anybody who likes this game are very welcomed to join in our QQ group. our QQ group number is 467288976 named "FC人间兵器交流群" which means "FC codename viper communication group". maybe we can play together in the "youju gameplatform" in Chinese "游聚游戏平台".

Hyogo, Japan

Hey thank you Springrolls ! Yeah stage 5 was pretty bad, mistakes were made.

I don't have a Tencent QQ account, but I do have Twitter and Discord :) Just let me know if you want to join.

Cheers and see you next run !


I am not available to connect the twitter website due to our country's goverment policy. Maybe i can try the discord later. Also I made a hack game about this with my playmates and it is more difficult actually very difficult. but i don't know how i can send the file to you. would you like to try this and you can play it in your game live. haha

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