? Emulators have unfair load times ?
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? Emulators have unfair load times ?

I'm not sure if I'm blind but I cannot find anyone talking about how the emulators load significantly faster than the console version. Although I have not submitted a single run, I have been running this game for a few months now and so I decided to take a gander at what the competition looks like. So, naturally I looked at the first place and started comparing my runs to hers. I couldn't help but notice the massive difference in load times between each step of the recipes.

You know... I've seen a lot of discussion about fairness in this forum... and if true fairness was your end goal... then please enlighten me on why the load times have never been brought up ever?

How I noticed this was simple. I took my best time on the pizza recipe and noticed that the top runner was always ahead me even when my time to complete each step was faster. This alone lead me to believe that there was a difference in loading times. After comparing them, I found that the times were almost triple in some sections.

Imagine you have a race. Both you and your opponent are driving identical cars, but you need to switch cars every leg of the race. You are given nothing but cars with doors that need to be opened, whereas your opponent's cars are all doorless. Do you see how much that can add up over the entire course of the race?

In conclusion, we should either spit them, or figure out a way to compensate the people that run on original hardware. Otherwise, there is little to no reason at all to run on an emulator.

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I believe a comparison was done by moderators and it was concluded that the difference was too miniscule to count for much, or something like that.

I believe the only reason the IL leaderboards are split into EMU and Console are because you can use things like your mouse, a trackpad, or a trackball on EMU. Console forces you to use the touchscreen with either your finger or a stylus.

The time is massive. I will post a video comparison to show just how much time is lost from load times. There is simply no way to beat the emulator users.

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1 year ago

Would love to see the comparison

Now, I'm not too knowledgeable about DS EMUs, but, I know for older hand-held console EMUs as long as you have the correct files installed it should be almost if not completely identical to original hardware in the vast majority of cases. Obviously it can vary a bit from game to game but for the most part thats the general rule.

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