I didn't make this but I feel it should be added (external link)

By panpan

Discord Group (external link)

By igotsomesnacks


Game Timer (external link)

Livesplit Integrated Autosplitter

This is an Autosplitter that works directly with livesplit, requiring no patches and automatically updating (external link)

By Happyrobot33Happyrobot33

Skips Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet with most skips, and their timesave (external link)

By snakeathonsnakeathon

Truck Colour Customisation Tutorial

A simple tutorial you can follow to customise the colours of your trucks. (external link)

By NoahkraNoahkra




All Main Levels/Worlds

Contains most of the categories. The main categories have split by level split files too. If you want the rest of them to just copy and paste the ones labeled "- levels" (direct download)

By AJ213AJ213

All Specific Worlds

Contains all the worlds. Like it has the desert world and each level in desert is a split. (direct download)

By AJ213AJ213

Alpha 0.15 Splits

Does not contain any times. (direct download)


Low Gravity Bug

An older version of Clustertruck with the low gravity bug and gravity level settings (external link)

By taskinoztaskinoz