Add Switch to the Platforms List (please <3)
2 years ago
Texas, USA

cheekychunk made a forum post about this two years ago, but sadly it seems like it was unseen or ignored so I think it warrants repeating. The NES virtual console has been out on Switch for a few years now and the platform should absolutely be listed here. A friend and I are planning to do runs of this game soon, especially for the two player categories, and would like the option. If not then I suppose we would just label it an emulator and mention the console in the description? Seems like a bandaid fix but I'm surprised this hasn't been updated yet.

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New Jersey, USA

Added. Thanks!

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Texas, USA

Thank you so much! Wasn't expecting to get a reply this soon but it's good to know there are still people looking out for this game. :)

Much love!

New Jersey, USA

No worries! The board was definitely abandoned for awhile. I was able to get access a little bit ago so we’re playing catch up. Thanks for your patience.

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