Claw Split Pictures

Pictures for your own splits, nothing to explain here (direct download)

By PhatzoPhatzo

Claw WapMap

Claw map maker (direct download)

In game timer toggle trainer

Small tool I made to easily enable and disable the in game timer for Claw v1.30 and higher. It might work on older version, but I haven't test it To use - run claw then run the trainer. Then you can use the \ key to enable the in game timer and ] key to turn it off. (on an english keyboard) (direct download)

By ekvadiorekvadior

RivaTuner Statistics Server

This helps capping the game at 60 FPS (needed if your monitor isn't using 60Hz) (external link)




Any% Splits

splits for any% (direct download)

By DJ_Phatzo

Autosplitter WIP

Should work with 1.2 and higher versions of the game. Timing starts on level load, ends as the gem aquire cutscene starts on level 14 after defeating omar. Splits by default on end of level map or gem pickups, but can be set up to split on new level start. (direct download)

By ekvadiorekvadior


Claw 1.0

1.0 Patch, for testing purposes, as there may be a version specific glitch. 1.0 does not need a CD/iso to work. (external link)

Claw 1.2 patch

This is the patch file for claw version 1.2. It only contains the .exe that needs to overwrite the 1.0 exe file. You can get the full 1.0 in the other download. (direct download)

By ekvadiorekvadior

Claw 1.3

Version 1.3 of the game. I recommend running this version due to the easier Wolvington boss fight. It, however, must be used with the iso. (external link)

Claw 1.4.3

First download on the link. The full version of Claw, prepared specifically with Windows 7/8/10 in mind. (external link)


The full version of Claw, prepared specifically with Windows 7/8/10 in mind. Includes the CrazyHook update (brought to you by Zax37 and Kubus_PL) and dgVoodoo, the latter of which should fix common framerate problems. Thanks to "The Claw Recluse" for this version. (external link)

Claw mirror

Just a mirror link for the version (external link)

By TheOceanManTheOceanMan

Claw iso

Claw iso for use with 1.3 (external link)

Stable version of claw 1.3

if you want fullscreen, he have provided some instrcutions in the README.txt file, or just ask me directly. The configurer is in the DVCONFIG folder (external link)

By ekvadiorekvadior