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After finding the text storage/OoB glitch about 3 days ago, I've managed to stumble upon what seems to be a hidden dev trigger in WDT. Seems like the kind of thing that would've been used for testing (it could very well be some secret obtainable bundle that we've never found, but I doubt that).

There's multiple of them (at least 4, but they might be infinite), and each gives the following in order:

GoGo Comic -> Prmnt. Free Pass -> Weekly Comic -> Monthly Comic

This alone makes zeni a non-issue for speedruns (Free Pass sells for 9800z), and as if that wasn't good enough, it allows you to get the Love Ink from the grave teacher in WDT immediately without having to get the Wooden Gong or do any of the WDT story. It also removes the opening scene of WDT, which you can/should bypass on your way to the item trigger by performing text storage with Conductor.

More of these triggers may exist in other areas, so that'll be something to look in to.

With all this in mind, it might be a good idea to create a separate Any% category when runs utilizing this are submitted. Something like Any% No OoB or Glitchless (I'd prefer Glitchless since other things that aren't OoB could possibly come up in the future) to move all the current Any% runs in to, since this glitch seems like it's going to shake Any% up to a ridiculous degree.

Here's a link to the YouTube video I made showing and detailing this as I was discovering it:

Found yet another big OoB time save in the factory that allows you to collect the Boss Card on your first visit. This means that both WDT and FBC take no time at all! This factory OoB will also come in handy in All Kisses, and should eliminate lazy guard RNG in both categories.

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This is insane, I was waiting for something cool to be found to come back to this game 😮


I'm fine with splitting up the categories (glitchless and oob)


this is a pretty cool find. also glitchless / oob categories are fine with me. I could cut off 2 hours from my run from 5 years ago with just selling those comics, and nothing else, which would bring my time down close to 2 hours flat. With everything else, who knows how low it can go.

i should play the game again some day and just explore OOB now that I know that is a thing.

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Oh hai

not sure if someone has tested since the Oob discovery but I remember Otonyshi wondering if the glitch would work on the PS3 version during his WR run.

Just tested it on the PS3, it worked :3

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Indeed! I need to figure out the path in the funny bone city but man pulling it off is a good feeling 🙂

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