Chulip Manual

Beth sent me this on discord. It includes all of the residents schedules, and maps of areas too. Very helpful for learning the game (external link)

By ElizabethElizabeth


memcard file for PCSX2 with all 50 kisses

for whatever use youd need it for. only works with ntsc-u. (direct download)

By stoic_rosestoic_rose


Any% Glitched

Splits used for my Any% runs. (external link)

By stoic_rosestoic_rose

Any% splits by kisses

Splits made for when you get kisses. (direct download)

By stoic_rosestoic_rose

Any% splits for important items

Splits made for when you hit important story beats or get story items. (direct download)

By stoic_rosestoic_rose