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If you saw my really old speedrun of this game, you should've seen the Expensive Rings, which as far as I can remember is the fastest way to make money in the game, however the luck of getting these from the well feels near impossible. In my run it took me almost 2 hours just to get 4 rings. The rings sell for 3000z each (total of 12000z), and the Computer costs 11800z.

Now I haven't played the game in many years so there are probably better strats to make money, but if your luck was perfect with the rings, I still feel like it would be a viable route to take if you can somehow manipulate the RNG to always give rings from the well.


RNG manipulating the rings would be insane, you'd save a huge amount of time not having to deal with some kisses and stuff like Invisible Man. It'd be great if RNG manip was doable, or even better than that, an item duplication glitch, but so far nobody's found anything.
One thing I know from testing things out on emulator with save states is that RNG isn't set when you enter an area or reload, it might change frame by frame, but I'm not sure.


It honestly surprises me that no major glitches, or even minor time saving glitches, have surfaced for this game. I know every time I get into a cut scene, I mash every button combination I can think of to try and get the game to skip the whole scene, either by glitch or unknown combination that has long eluded us. Either way, I'm probably gonna be messing around in the game today because of the new WR, so I might try to mess around with RNG and trying to do glitch stuff before I try actually full running again.


well, thanks to the new OOB strats and finding those free permanent bus passes, the expensive ring is now dead.

it might still only be viable in a glitchless segmented or TAS run for the quickest way to make money, but that i think that is the ONLY reason to go for these now.

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