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I hope you like Chromadrome 2 speed running and thanks for the View and if you have any questions post below

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Hi. Can we get a different platform for the steam version? http://store.steampowered.com/app/378350/Chromadrome_2/

I saw some of the levels like the time trial ones look different.

I've never played chromadrome2 on steam so submit some runs so I know how they are different it might also be the BFMs I have a lot of them on


I just noticed the correct trial was just later on the video you posted, so nevermind. (The link did not have timestamps). Here is a quick run I recorded anyway. For the trial. Didn't see differences.

There are a few differences but none of them affect the runs I added your run to the leader board can you do more runs and follow chromadrome2 on speed run. Com

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