Any% Co-op with one player
2 years ago
Ohio, USA

Would it be valid to run any% co-op with one player? I’ve been testing it over the years and you can beat the game by carrying player two through the whole game without game over. Wasn’t sure if anyone has brought up the idea? Thanks.

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Yes, it's valid and actually there is already one run in coop category done in that way ( ) . However, there is no separate category for this kind of run, if that was your question. Personally, I'm not up to adding this kind of category to the main board, since it wouldn't add anything beneficial to the run compared to actual any% coop or any% (it is just longer and more tiring way of beating it). However, I'm not completely against it, if there was enough interest in community (in that case, probably, it would be more fitting to create for it additional board called "CnD category extension" , as it is done already for e.g. Contra)

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"KaiserKrister and No One". XD

Florida, USA

The only level you can't carry the other through is E (Thanks RetroAchievements for that knowledge) and it does make many parts of the game substantially more difficult if you aren't allowed to let the other player die. While I would be interested to see routing tech happen in a category like this, I personally wouldn't put myself through it again. xD