Pause Buffering for Turnaround Throws
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Pause Buffering for Turnaround Throws
Pennsylvania, USA

Hi, it's me again, lol.

I was practicing this game a bit after not playing it for about a month due to IRL stuff, and I believe I may have discovered a new exploit as shown in my video:

I found that you can pause buffer a turnaround throw by first building up a charge, then pausing while moving forward, switching to holding the opposite direction while paused, and then when you unpause you will be moving in the opposite direction, still retaining the charge. This actually makes turnaround throws extremely easy to perform, at the expense of less than a second of time pausing and unpausing. This could have potential to speed up most of the bosses.

I guess my question is... is this allowed? I know that some games allow pause buffering such as some of the Sonic games I believe, but I wasn't sure if there is a general rule about it being banned unless explicitly allowed for specific games. I wanted to check first to make sure before I possibly do go back to doing attempts.

Also, unrelated question for the mods about submissions, but is it necessary to stream ALL attempts live? I want to make sure that I am following the rules this time if I do return to this game again, but unfortunately I am working with 0.7 mbps upload speed, which makes it difficult but I don't think impossible for me to stream. It will also probably choke the connection for everybody else in the house, so I don't think it is something that I would be able to do on a consistent basis to be honest.


Yes this is allowed, nothing wrong with it. That may be useful in many boss fights, i gotta try that.

And no it's not necessary to stream attempts live. But if someone comes out of nowhere with a WR, very very good RNG, no sound and claims a wr in two hours of attempts, we demand a proof call. That's it. Nothing personal.

Once the runner is proved to be legit, there's nothing wrong with offline attempts. Some of my recent WRs were done offline. Kirby himself has one offline PB.

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So here are some of the quick kills i found: Weasel:

Clock Tower 1 (good pattern):

Clock Tower 2 (bad pattern):

Robo Fat Cat:

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