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Please be sure to also read Game Rules and Contest Rules.

All Secret Levels Rules

  • You must complete all secret levels and finish the game (Prime Sanctums are not included)

  • The game must be played on the most recent patch from 1/18/24 (v14d)

  • Can be played on any difficulty level, and must keep the same difficulty for the duration of the run.

  • Timing is done exclusively through the in-game timer.

  • Time starts on entering the 1st level.

  • Time ends when finishing the last currently available level and reaching the level completion screen. (currently 7-4)

  • Starting in 0-1, the other levels will automatically follow. However, after defeating Gabriel in both 3-2 and 6-2 and clicking past the mission complete screen, you may exit to the main menu and select 4-1 and 7-1 respectively to save RTA time, clicks, and sanity. (this does not affect IGT)

  • Taking a secret exit means you must complete the secret level.

  • Taking an exit to a level that loops back means you must complete the main level again.

  • Getting a false level finish means you must re-start the level. (hitting the trigger at the end of a level from out of bounds in such a way that the mission complete screen appears but you can't click to continue)

  • In-game time can be determined by adding all the level times together (there is an excel file that can be used to do this, both pinned in the discord and in the resources section on this board). RTA is optional but recommended.

Secret Levels

Secret levels include the following:

  • 0-S
  • 1-S
  • 2-S
  • 4-S
  • 5-S

Inbounds Rules

  • Beat each level without going out of bounds. This includes:

    • Escaping through intended and unintended holes in geometry

    • Escaping by clipping through geometry

    • Escaping by going under floor geometry

    • Loading areas from unloaded sides of doors

    • Loading areas around the player with checkpoint

    • In addition to the standard Inbounds ruleset, we are also disallowing clipping around or through the door in 7-4

If you need any clarification around the Inbounds ruleset, please drop a question about it in the Discord server or Forum Thread

Additional Rules:

  • You may not use any kind of Trainer, Cheat Table, or any sort of Macro/Turbo during runs. A Macro could include automated actions assigned to a single binding, or multiple actions bound to a single binding.
  • LiveSplit is not required for this challenge, but is still encouraged. You may download LiveSplit at http://livesplit.org/downloads/.
  • Game cannot be modified in any way, including by third party software, with the exception of patches provided by the developer.
  • Game audio must be audible in your submission, however you may disable dialog audio and/or music, just make sure the sound effects are audible in your video submission.
  • Modification of the game files is not allowed. This applies to any form of modification, such as texture swaps, model swaps, QoL changes, etc...
  • Moderators have the right to hold, or even reject, any run they deem contrary to the spirit of the rules, even if the grounds for such a rejection are not explicitly listed in these rules. For example, if a runner submits a run that contains a powerful, perhaps ‘boundary-pushing’, trick that has not been shown to the wider community.

Now that the challenge is live, it's time to reveal the category!

The category of focus for this challenge is... All Secret Levels (Inbounds)!

Please be sure to read over the challenge rules, as well as the game rules and contest rules :)

You can find a pre-made NG+ save file for download here

You can find some video guides on movement tech and other basics here

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