Pending verification

Main Rules

  • Runs must have game audio
  • Runs must be performed on PC
  • Runs must start from "New Game" and should be shown in the video submission
  • Runs must be performed on the current patch of the game
  • Runs must be performed on a vanilla version of the game with no modifications
  • Video proof must have gold count or item count visible



  • Beat the game as fast as possible
  • Items purchased from shops are allowed to be used
  • You are allowed to cap FPS to any of the in-game settings (Under Display - Lock FPS) but you are not allowed to cap FPS with any external software.
  • Top 10 runners require an FPS counter. (Ask in Discord if you need any help setting one up)
  • Any dips below 30fps must be timestamped in the run description and will be scrutinized during verification (applies to top 10 only)


  • You may only rebind keys inside the game, no external rebinding allowed
  • Ragdoll Launches are banned

RNG Mitigation

  • Super Items are banned until further testing has been done (specifically on static spawns and/or RNG Manipulation)
  • If you accidentally pick up a Super Item, do not use it. Using a Super Item will result in disqualification under the current ruleset. You may keep it in your inventory without using it, but you must include the timestamp of when you picked it up in your run description.
  • Using the Capsule Machine is banned
  • Throwing chickens at the courier to drop gold/items is banned


  • Timing is done LRT (Load-Removed Time)
  • Runs should use the LiveSplit Load Remover available within Livesplit under Edit Game so long as the game name is set as ALTF42. Any runs not using the Load Remover will be timed RTA (Real-Time Attack) instead. You may download LiveSplit at http://livesplit.org/downloads/.
  • Time starts after the first load screen, upon gaining control of the character
  • Time ends on the load screen transitioning into the final cutscene
  • If you are using the load remover, the timer will automatically start and stop for you


The top ten times have been retimed completely without loading screens due to funky load remover behavior. This is why there's a large gap between top ten and the rest of the runs.

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Start time
2024-06-05 07:00
End time
2024-06-12 07:00
1 week
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What is a Challenge?

Challenges are time-limited speedrunning competitions.

They function very similarly to regular leaderboards except run submission is only allowed within a set time frame.

Challenges may feature unique themes, rules, or objectives that differ from the regular categories. They provide an opportunity to explore different aspects of a game or to celebrate specific events, discoveries, or community milestones.

What is a Contest?

Contests are special challenges hosted by the team at Speedrun.com that may offer prize money and other benefits.