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In the hotel level you can access what I think is the original Celeste flash game (not sure, never played it), on a Pico 8 machine. Any chance for a leaderboard for this? I know there is a Celeste classic game entry here but I'm not sure if they're the same game and have the same tech.

If you don't know where to find it, during the section in the third level where you're cleaning up the blankets and stuff in that big central room, you can find a note from the caretaker about how he is forced to shut the hotel down. Above this room is a secret room with the computer.


They are definitely the same game, and they both very likely operate off of a pico-8 runtime (pico-8 isn't something made up just for celeste, it's an actual engine). I agree that runs of pico-8 belong on the celeste classic leaderboard, even if using the runtime present in the full game.


actually the version in Newleste is a native C++ port of the original pico-8 LUA (I think for console reasons)

that said they're functionally identical as far as we know so yes, they're going on the old leaderboard


Native C++? The rest of the game is made in C#/.Net (MonoGame/XNA/FNA), are you sure the pico-8 runtime in the game is made in C++?

Not that it really matters that much in regards to the leaderboards question: the runtime might be different, but the engine is the same (Pico-8) and the game is the same version as in the web, as far as I know, so they are essentially the exact same game -> Pico-8 version runs should go to the classic leaderboard.


Categories involving doing the rest of the game and having to play the Pico-8 game in location can still be cool though 🙂

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