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my brother recently decided to beat celeste with as few Jumps/A-presses as possible, he played the game and I kept track of how many times he jumped and we ended up with a total of 212 jumps this would be a cool category on its own but I'm wondering if people would put in the time to find the minimum both the human minimum and the absolute minimum which only TAS bots can achive


to clarify some things from my original post no B or C sides were taken into account neither was core and assist mode was banned


Here is a spreadsheet that keeps track of least required jumps and similar challenges:

I can't quite see it being a category on the boards though, mostly because some of these rooms are very difficult to complete so it would make for a rather inaccessible run. It would also be a pain to verify how many times a runner has jumped.


If you want to join in with helping you can message the discord name in the speradsheet for an invite to the celeste challenges discord.